editor and compiler of john fahey's last written work-in-progress, vampire vultures (drag city). i've been playing in bands since i was about 15. mower queen, the casket exchange, LAMP, two claptons. met robert pollard at the age of 20 who released the debut album by Hershel Savage & The American Flag on his own legendary Dayton, Ohio record label, Rockathon. (Rockathon04). after a successful u.s. east-coast tour opening for GBV, we recorded with a string section at the CBC for their Radio-Sonic program, released an ep on our own label, CHAMPAGNE!, and began recording our follow-up LP. i live in toronto where i play music with a number of different musical configurations, glass tomb, welcome home brother charles, CRYSTAL FINGERS, Braincloud, Glass Tomb & Dead Dreams. Some cosmic musical collaborators include matt 'doc' dunn, colin fisher, nilan perera, brandon valdivia, jon shapiro, randy gagne, derek madison, aaron lumley and kevin hainey. i am a filmmaker, editor and sound-designer.

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